IT125 Web Programming Spring Semester 2017

Final Project Instructions

Date This Page Last Updated:  09/29/2017

Week: Date

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6: 2/22/2017

 1. Think about what kind of “business” you would like to run, and for which you would like to develop a website. The only restrictions are that it cannot be JavaJam Coffee House, Fish Creek Animal Hospital, and Pacific Trails Resort (end of chapter website case studies).

2. Having chosen the type of your business, you now need to “flesh it out” by making at least these additional choices (not to be turned-in):

* A name for your business

* A short “mission statement” for your business

* A short list of some of your products and/or services

* A short descriptive paragraph or list of phrases designed to catch the attention of potential customers.


12: 4/7/2017

 javajam10 Tasks (part of MP4)

Create an index.html page within javajam10 folder with the heading "Final Project Proposal Site" and

    include the following three (3) buttons: Project Home Page, Website Plan, Proposal PowerPoint(10%)

* Create a prototype Final Project homepage (10%)

* Prepare a Plan for Project, Website Layout (homepage only), and Testing (MS Word document) Use template.

    (Chapters 5 & 10, Web Project, Part 2) (10%)

* Create a 2-slide PowerPoint Project Presentation Outline(5%)


17: 5/10/2017

General Requirements:

* A complete, fully-functioning e-business Website (50%)

 * Webpages - at least: 1 external css, 1 2-column page, 1 3-column page, 1 page w/images, 1 page w/audio, 1 page w/video, 1 page w/form (that works),

      1 page w/ JavaScript, 1 page w/ jQuery (items may be on same page)
* Discussion PowerPoint (~10 slides to present key features of website with one slide that identfies where each of the above requirements is located) (25%)
* 5-minute Presentation -- PowerPoint will be the primary presentation media (25%)


                                                                        Indivduall Project Evaluation Form                            Overall Project Evaluation Form