IT125 Web Programming Spring Semester 2017

Course Objectives

The Web has many roles today and one of them is an important means of communication whether for business, government, non-professional, or individual use.

The purpose of the course is practical: to help understand how to design and develop a sophisticated Web site for a specific purpose.

This is a hands-on course designed to introduce students to the process of designing, building, and managing a Web site. Students will work on a real-world Web server, developing projects either for their own business or other purposes.

The course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop and maintain dynamic, client-side Web pages using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. Server-side programming techniques are introduced (e.g., SSI, PHP).

The course text weaves a continuing case study of a real-world commercial enterprise that gradually grows in sophistication through a series of 5 Mini-Projects and culminating in a student-created business website Final Project.  

In sum, with its hands-on, active-learning approach, students become skilled in the many levels and capabilities of programming for the Web.

Web Development 2e