Software Engineering
Professor Suydam
Spring 2017



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Course Objectives: A one semester, Information Technology course oriented on applied programming, management science, and tools employed in today’s software development business environment.  The course provides the student with strategies, techniques, and tools to meet the dynamic and demanding changes mandated by information technology management in the new competitive marketplace.  Real-world problems and solutions facing the computing science college graduate entering industry are emphasized.  The course utilizes the “Six Sigma” structure for business management and the Capability Maturity Model® for Software development.  The course also utilizes CASE tools and commonly exploited management applications (e.g., MS Project, MS Visio) in the development of requirements, strategies, and applications for computing science solutions. Students will develop skills in use of the latest in collaboration software and collaborative environments (e.g., WebEx).


In sum, this is a course where the student becomes proficient in: program management, software development planning, team management and participation, and technical creativity.


  Software Engineering 4e